5-A-Side Football Tips


5-a-side football is a perfect way of keeping fit. It's fast paced, competitive and a great way to socialise with your friends. Why not check out these awesome 5-a-side football tips!

1. Enjoy the sport.

It may sound unimportant, but having fun can really make a difference in the game of 5-a-side football. If you’re not enjoying the game, and you’re instead frustrated or annoyed, you’re likely to perform worse in the game as a result. So keeping the game fun is definitely something to focus on. make sure everyone on the team is getting along and enjoying their time. Make sure you split your friends into Random Teams aswell.

Our top tips to for a game of Five A Side Football.

2. Use proper formation.

Going into a game with no strategy, or not even assigning roles to players, is the worst thing you can do. Although it can take a fair bit of effort to organise a team into proper 5-a-side formation, the preparation will pay off when your team has the advantage. The formation can become chaotic shortly into the game, however it’s still a great starting point for success as a team. It can also seem like it’s taking the game a bit too seriously sometimes, but a more organised game will usually end up being much more enjoyable.

3. Maintain good communication.

Effective communication can be the difference between winning a game and losing a game by a long shot. In 5-a-side, having the keeper do most of the talking is a common strategy that has served the test of time. Since the pace of the game is so fast and the keeper is the only one with some occasional downtime, the responsibility falls on them to keep the team updated with everything that’s happening on the field. The last defender can also contribute here in some situations. The main point is that your team needs to be on the same page at all times with full knowledge of the current situation.

In such a fast paced sport, one of the most significant things you can do to be a better player is increase your fitness levels so you can keep your stamina up for a whole game and stay healthy.

4. Always position a defender at the back.

Since most players are intent on attacking, it’s common in 5-a-side football for the keeper to be left alone during an attack. This is far from ideal since any fast breaks during the counter attack will be left undefended. If your team leaves a defending player positioned at the back during an attack, all possibilities will be covered. If this last defender ends up in a 2 on 1 situation, the best strategy is for them to obstruct the pass between them while waiting for the team to help.

5. Keep the ball moving throughout the game.

In 5-a-side football, passing is a major element of the game. A team with the perfect passing technique is a force to contend with since they can use fast passing manoeuvres to surprise the opposing team and expose an open shot to score. If you focus on passing in your training, your team will have the ball moving all over the field and any team will be hard pressed to prepare for your strategies. That being said, with good passing skills, your team still needs to have the game sense to know when to pass./p>


With these tips in mind, you and your team will be well on your way to success in 5-a-side football.