How To Get Better At Football


Age or ability doesn’t matter when you first start playing football. Becoming a better footballer over the course of your footballing career though, is something every player wants. Getting better at football should be fairly easy, practice makes perfect. Practice with friends too. We reccomend practicing with a group of players and splitting each team randomly.

The beauty of football is there's always room for improvement, no matter how skilled you may already be.

Football is the world's most popular sport and for good reason! It's a thrilling 90 minute game of skill and athleticism. It's a sport you can learn the basics of in the span of an afternoon. Football can be played in all weathers outside or in. According to FIFA, 265 million people across the entire world are playing football. It's a great way to socialise and keep fit.

Getting better at football is a personal, subjective thing. Some players want to improve on their dribbling, others may want to improve their shooting skills. This article will cover a few different tips on how to get better at football.

How To Get Better at Football Table of Contents:

Our top tips to be a better footballer player and get better at the game.

To be a better football player, practice makes perfect

As with most things, practice makes perfect when it comes to being a better football player. Whether you’re starting out with some basics skills, or a completely clean slate, it’s the number one pathway to improvement.

You can practice football by playing games, training skills by yourself, or in group drills. Practice can be made even more effective by constantly reviewing one’s own performance and focusing on weak points in future training. This allows a player to become proficient in all areas of football, not just their obvious strengths.

The best tips to be a better football player:

Apart from just practicing, there are a plethora of ways a player can gain an advantage in the game of football.

In such a fast paced sport, one of the most significant things you can do to be a better player is increase your fitness levels so you can keep your stamina up for a whole game and stay healthy.

To become a good player, you need to be able to have a great first touch. Being able to control the ball close to your body, with both feet, will make a significant difference to your game and ultimately, your first touch dictates what your next move is going to be.

With fitness often comes healthy eating, and there’s no exception for footballers. A healthy diet is a great way to ensure you have sufficient energy and nutrients for your body to perform efficiently in the game. With diet and fitness alone, any player has a great starting point for success in football.

Players’ motivation is also key in their football performance, so setting goals, both personal goals and team goals, is another sure-fire way to improve.

Lastly, focus on what the professionals do in their games and think about why they’re doing it. Since these players are dedicating their lives to the sport of football, they’re the most reliable source available to learn from.

The right nutrition for footballers:

With nutrition alone being an important element for success, it’s important to understand what exactly the right nutrition is for footballers. This can often depend on the individual; however, the general rules are to stay consistent with what you eat, pick high quality foods, and ensure variation in your diet.

Things like pasta, fresh fish and complex carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes are favourites among professional footballers.


Evidently, there’s a lot a player can do make a difference in their football performance. Above all, practice makes perfect so waste no time and get out there in the field.

A combination of all the above points will most definitely help you to become a better footballer. Everyone will need to work on different parts of their game. Afterall, only you know where you need to improve. Speak to your team mates and coach to get some advice on what they think you could work on.