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Pub Quiz Question Generator

Use the below tool to generate 50 questions for your pub quiz or other trivia related needs! There are currently two categories to choose from. More categories will be added as demand grows. For any suggestions or feedback hit us up via the contact page.

Select all categories that you'd like to get questions for. Once selected we'll randomly generate a maximum 50 questions split across the two categories. If you leave the tick boxes empty we'll generate a random collection of questions from multiple categories.

The list of generated questions will include normal questions as well as true / false style statements.

What is the Pub Quiz Question Generator Used For?

Well, the clue is in the name. The pub quiz generator will generate 50 random questions to be used for your weekly pub quiz night. You can currently select from two distinct categories. But, we’re working on adding more! The questions come in 3 different difficulties; easy, medium or hard.

As well as adding additional categories in the future, we’ll be adding the ability to select from different difficulty levels as well. We use an open database of trivia questions to power our generator. More questions are being added all the time.

How To Use The Pub Quiz Question Generator?

  1. Select from two categories. General Knowledge or Sports.
  2. We’ll present you with a total of 50 questions.
  3. To request a new set of questions, hit the refresh button
  4. To change to a different category, hit the button on the result page that says ‘New Category’.
  5. Repeat the steps until you are happy with your chosen selection.

How To Use Pub Quiz Question Generator [Video]

It's really easy to use the question generator, but here's a super quick video guide to show you how to use it, just in case!

Can I Submit Questions To You?

As we don’t store the questions on our servers we can’t directly accept trivia question submissions. However, because we use an open database of trivia you can submit suggestions directly to the project. Hit the link here to head on over to Open Trivia, you’ll be able to submit to your heart's content. All questions and answers are validated prior to going ‘live’ on the Open Trivia DB.

Is The Question Generator Free?

Yes, it’s completely free. We will never charge to use the question generator! The website, may occasionally show adverts to pay for the server costs. All profit is directed back into Getscent Group projects.

Pub Quiz Question Generator Facts

  1. Uses an API to request question sets.
  2. The API can access over 4000 questions with nearly 7000 pending verification.
  3. There are over 130 sports questions!
  4. It’s completely free to use, we’ll never charge to use it.
  5. Our question generator is used by over 10 people each month!

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