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Random Football Player

Can't think of a Football Player to buy for your FIFA Career mode? Can't think of a Football Player to buy for your Fantasy Football league? Well, help is here. Use this free Random Football Player Tool to take the stress of choosing a new team mate away.

To generate a random football player or players, select how many you would like and hit the ‘Generate Random Football Player’ button. You’ll then be taken to the results page. It’s super simple.

Whether you need a fast, tricky winger or a solid center back let our search tool do the heavy lifting. With just a few input parameters we’ll select a player that’ll help strengthen your squad.

We can all remember the big name players such as Virgil Van Dyke and Cristano Ronaldo but it’s those players that often go under the radar that you can’t remember the name of that can add depth to a decent squad. It’s all the more important if you’re trying to take Brentford to the champions league in just 5 seasons!

You can also use the tool to select a random starting 11! Enter 11 in the number of players text box above and hit the ‘Generate Random Football Player’ button. Although, make sure to select all playing positions, you don’t want to end up with 11 strikers! You’d certainly score lots of goals but you’d concede a shed load also.

How Does It Work

To make this Random Football Player generator I painstakingly collected data from all 20 Premier League Clubs as well as other lower leagues in the English footballing pyramid and leagues from around the world. I then took on the mammoth task of obtaining photos for each player as well as some stats such as their preferred playing position and date of birth.

The Random Football Player generator, like most of the tools on TeamGenerator.Online utilises the power of the C# programming language. It uses the C# Random Class to select a random player for a list of almost 1500.

What Is It Used For?

This free tool can be used for many many things, here’s just a few examples of how this tool can help you:

If you have any ideas or suggestions for how the Random Football Player Generator can be used, let us know, just drop us an email via the contact us page.

Is The Tool Free?

Yes, the tool is completely free. You may see adverts shown on the site to pay for the server costs and development of additional features. You can also (but it is not a requirement) donate to the cause if you’d like to, just head over to the Donation page to find out more.


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