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Random Number Generator

Use our random number generator to create a random integer. At the moment it can handle quite a large range, up to a few hundred million. If we get the demand I'll change the datatype to handle a wider range.

A random number is a number chosen from a range of numbers that you enter into the tool above. A random number is one that has no discernible pattern of prediction. The range of numbers is entirely dependant on what you enter into the boxes above. The min and max numbers are independent from each other and will produce a genuine random number each and every time.

A random number generator, like the one above, is a fantastic tool that will generate one number within a users defined scope. Random number generators can be either hardware of software based. Hardware based random-number generators often involve the use of a dice, radio frequencies or an coin for flipping to determine which random set of numbers to pick from.

A pseudo-random number generator like the one we have created is an algorithm for generating a a number or sequence of numbers. Computer based random number generators are almost always pseudo-random number generators. Yet, most of the numbers generated by computer based software random number generators are not truly random. Our generator is vastly more random than most, our algorithm uses the number of ticks on a clock for a randomly selected year, a randomly selected word from the dictionary and other non predictive measures. Those measures combined with the C# Random class give more condifence that this number is truly random. Our random number generator will generate a number that's sufficient for uses. But, please don't use it to generate any cryptographic keys. yet they should not be used for cryptographic purposes. True random numbers are based on physical phenomena such as atmospheric noise, thermal noise, and other quantum phenomena.

What Can The Random Number Generator Used For

There are so many day to day things the random number generator can be used for, below is a list of the most popular, let us know how you use yours!

Random Number Generator Case Study

A medical testing facility is trying to work out the efficacy of a two brand new mediciations. From a pool of volunteers they choose to test one medication on a random selection of test subjects. To conduct the study, those subjects will need to be randomly assigned a number. Volunteers who are assigned an even number get the first medication and volunteers who are assigned an odd number get the second medication. To implement this strategy, they input the following settings in the random number generator.

They want to assign an odd or even number randomly to each of the 10 volunteers, so they need 10 entries in the random number generator. Therefore, the researchers enter 1 in the text box labelled min and a 10 in the box labelled max.

Since each volunteer will receive one of two treatments, they perform the random number generation 10 times and assign the number that's presented on the screen to each person. Using this strategy is a good way to assign a random number fairly to each of the 10 people.

How To Use Random Number Generator

It's super simple to use the Random Number Generator, but here's a short video guide to show you how to use it, just in case!


Once you press the button it'll generate your random number, repeate the process ten times.

10 Random Numbers
1 3 1 10 5 6 7 3 4 8

From the results set, we can see that there are 6 odd numbers and 4 even numbers. It's not an even split but medical studies rarely are.